Creating brand package design for the Sri Lankan master brewers.



Jaffer Jee & Sons

Project Synopsis

Dipper Tea is a small but influential brand in Sri Lanka. Dipper Tea has been in the business of processing sale and export of coffee & tea for decades. Dipper Tea was looking to change their product packaging for the international market. They envisioned something adaptable, attractive and functional as both a product and a representation of it's Sri Lankan heritage on international shelves. Basically Dipper Tea wanted a piece of Sri Lanka in the household of various diverse nationalities the world over.

I was commisioned to carry out the project and after asking and noting down the clients expectations and preferences i proceeded to research about Dippertea as a company and what it stands for as well as Sri Lanka (since i've never been there) as well as design patterns of export food packaging especially grains. This helped me come up with various packaging samples which the client immediately fell in love with. Each product variant was given a suitably themed package & expression. That way they were all part of the same family but were unique in their individual way, like humans around the world.

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop · Adobe InDesign