Case Study : Rethinking Web/App SMS messaging in Nigeria .

CASE STUDY ·2016 ·

Project Title



Businesses all over the world use text messaging via their websites & apps to engage users in various ways. Whether it's confirmation of an order or just a friendly notification, web/app messaging has been a tool used by modern day business and web products to communicate with their clients.

The Problem

In Nigeria there's no single Web SMS API that creates a direct connection between businesses and consumers. The available solution is to go through bulk SMS site's APIs who either have outdated codebase or are totally ineffectual. Another problem is that some of these APIs from bulk SMS sites have no analytics the user can measure performance with on any level although users get charged whether or not the message delivers.

The Solution

Say hello to Jusibe, Jusibe is an API service that allows users to send SMS via their websites and applications using a simple and easy to use REST API. Jusibe aims to create a bridge between between businesses & consumer/audience. Send text messaging via web/app has never been easier. Jusibe aims to connect businesses & apps directly with end consumers without going through any intermediary . Jusibe's analytics helps users monitor message delivery stats thus making sure messages gets to the users target audience.

Jusibe's main target users are SMES & entrepreneurs. We hope that in the future business and consumers can continue to user text messaging as an effective means of engagement. We continue to improve Jusibe based on user and industry demands. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿš€

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop · Sublime Text · CorelDraw