Invisible People

Capturing the people, places & tradition of Northern Nigeria.

PHOTOGRAPHY · 2015 -2016 ·

Project Synopsis

Being an unrepentant adventurer and lover of African culture and tradition, i have journeyed various parts of Northern Nigeria to explore parts of my nation that has been caught in misconstrued and often falsefied news reports . Despite the fact that Northern Nigeria makes up more than 50% of the Nigeria land area, the region has been gratly under-reported in local & consquentially international media. I spent one year in the region and explored never before seen areas of Nothern Nigeria, telling the stories of the people & places with the help of my trusty camera & social media via various photo stories.

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop · SONY Alpha 280 DSLR Camera

Bronze & brass relics. #MarketOfLostThings

Kasua Kurmi, Kano

Henna Trader. #MarketOfLostThings

Kasua Kurmi, Kano

The 600 years old market well. #MarketOfLostThings

Kasua Kurmi, Kano

Miltary regime themed relics. #MarketOfLostThings

Kasua Kurmi, Kano

Tamed Alligator. #MarketOfLostThings

Kasua Kurmi, Kano

Al-majiri kids at the Kano Zoo. #InvisiblePeopleOfTheNorth

Kano Zoo, Kano

Horse Trainer

Polo Grounds, Kano