Brewing a brand with the ageless legacy of the African Outdoors .



Omuti Outdoor African Bush Bar & Grill.

Project Synopsis

Food, drinks & the great outdoors have always brought the people of Africa & indeed people of various racial backgrounds all over the world together. In Africa, a gift of farm produce or a gourd of palm wine have settle disputes & even wars. It has been a way of bringing people together since time immemorial. This is the foundation on which Omuti; a mobile outdoor African bar & grill company is building it's brand on.

I was commisioned to birth an identity for the company, after asking and noting down the clients expectations and preferences i proceeded to collect data about African outdoor traditions, materials & ideologies, most of which i'm already familiar with and some of which i found during my research. Based on my finds i was able to create an identity for the company which was entirely based on African traditions but still adaptable in the modern world.

Tools used

Adobe Photoshop · Adobe InDesign · Adobe Illustrator · CorelDraw

Client Remark