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IMSS x Platoon

iMullar Sound System, a vibrant DJ community, served as the ultimate nexus for music and diversity. Partnering with Platoon, we orchestrated a impactful engagement in Ghana that was a celebration of culture and community through music.

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YEAR 2022, 2023

ROLE Project Manager


Ghana represents a key market for Platoon who is a major label services stakeholder in Afrobeats. Channeling the spirit of #DettyDecember through music presented us with an opportunity to showcase Platoon artistes and celebrate west African culture in the context of Ghana.

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#DettyDecember Ghana at the center

Ghana has continued to be known for its reputation as an economic driver for culture in West Africa and no time is that more evident than in December when it attract thousands from the African diaspora and beyond. At the heart of this melting pot is music and Ghana’s reputation for its “endless parties” where guests are served a fine cocktail of African music from all parts of Africa. Naturally DJs have the power in this dynamic and iMullar stands firmly at the center of influence.

The Sound System iMullar in the mix

The vibrant community of diverse professionals which compounds itself as IMullar Soundsystem checks all the boxes for the expression of the Platoon brand objectives in the market. The servings of curated mixes of African music was a celebration of Platoon artistes in attendance and left the guests wanting more.



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