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Obi's House x Platoon

Obi's House offers a unique ambiance for music lovers and DJs to freely express themselves. Lagos is renowned for its distinctive party culture and spirited partygoers, no other venue captures the essence of this reputation like Obi's House.

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YEAR 2023

ROLE Project Manager


With it's record breaking host, Obi’s House is positioned as a vital showcase for DJs, and artistes to get live feedback from the audience of music industry professionals, tastemakers and other artists. The cocktail of guests makes Obi’s House a fertile ground for networking.

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#ObisHouse Lagos Party

A Lagos party is not just an event; it's a vibrant, energetic celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of African pop culture. The convivial atmosphere encourages socializing, networking, and creating lasting memories. Obi’s House is as a close an expression to this definition as possible, the recurring event (Mondays) offered a unique opportunity to tap into the Lagos pop culture community intimately and impactfully.

Lagos to the worldThe Lagos Connection

With an extensive roster of artists based in Lagos, Obi’s House set the stage to showcase Platoon artists to the audience of Afrobeats tastemakers. The event created an energized atmosphere to introduce the Platoon brand for the first time in Lagos.



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