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She Runs The Boards

She Runs The Boards is a women-focused empowerment program which shines the light on women at the front-end and back-end of the music industry. The first edition in Africa was held in partnership with Femme Africa in Lagos, Nigeria.

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YEAR 2023

ROLE Project Manager


The Femme Africa's Sound Lab program shares a lot of what the expected impact of the She Runs The Board program is. As a launchpad, it transcends the theme of women empowerment and inclusion, a core brand ethos of the Platoon brand.

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Women Empowerment Who runs the world? Girls!

Femme Africa is a standard in empowering women with the right mentorship, funding and skill acquisition programs. This particular quality is what makes the Femme Africa SoundLab program a perfect entry point to launch the inaugural African leg of Platoon’s She Runs the Boards in Lagos,Nigeria. The sessions featured Grammy nominated artiste/producer, Kah-Lo, ace broadcaster, Taymi "Taymi B" Balogun and recording and mixing engineer, Febe Adedamola

Closing the Gap The Sessions

The sessions were held in alignment with participant interests. The sessions featured masterclasses and practical sessions on songwriting, sound recording, radio broadcasting, and sound mixing. The goal of the sessions was to answer burning questions that participants can use to scale their skills and output in the real world.

Women at Work The Participants

The participants cut across women from core verticals in the music industry. Our expert mentors held interactive and practical sessions with the participants on the variety of topics. The participants were equiped with new information and mentorship at the conclusion of the program.

Sheer Femme BrillianceEmpowered Musical Beginnings

Through interactive sessions, women in the music industry gained valuable insights and mentorship, leaving the program not just informed but ready to take on their own musical journeys.In a vibrant partnership with Femme Africa, She Runs The Boards made its debut in Lagos, Nigeria, creating a powerful space for women across the music industry. The Femme Africa SoundLab set the perfect stage for the launch, weaving mentorship, funding, and skill acquisition into the program's fabric.



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