Product Design
VIVO Dreamworks

VIVO connects brands looking into Africa with their target audience by crafting engaging marketing campaigns that help brands reach them effectively.

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YEAR 2020

ROLE UI/UX Designer


Streams of new investments into Africa over the past decade have created the need for global brands to communicate their products effectively to the local consumer. VIVO Dreamworks helps international brand localize their campaigns and activations.

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#AfricaToTheWorldThe New Africa

The rapid modernization of Africa due to internet expansion has created the need for foreign brands looking to sell their products to African consumers to localize their marketing strategies. African consumers respond more to relatable marketing that acknowledges their culture and everyday lives.

It has become more important than ever for brands looking to connect with the local market in Africa to speak in their mother tongue. Effectively engaging consumers with an approach is the defining factor for success for global brands looking in.

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