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Clout Talk Concert

Clout Africa is committed to finding innovative ways to bring artists and their audience together. We launched the Clout Talk Concert talk show as part of our mission to create experiential events that allow artists to connect directly with their fans .

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YEAR 2021, 2022

ROLE Project Manager


Music has the ability to tell stories, perhaps even better than any other creative medium, if only for the fact that it reaches so many. It’s a powerful and ubiquitous medium which has allowed music to be the most common topic driving conversations on the internet. We launched Clout Talk Concert to give musicians the chance to connect and have conversations directly with their fans in a physical space.

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Making a Connection Talk That Talk

Clout Talk Concert provides an opportunity for Clout Africa to facilitate social connection among music lovers. To achieve this, The Clout Talk concert offers fans an opportunity to meet and have conversations with artists they listen to, with the potential to strengthen relationships between the fans and the artist. Asides sharing the experience with artists, music lovers also get to meet and interact with the community of similarly devoted individuals.

For The Culture Burning Questions

The Clout Talk Concert reflects Clout Africa’s endorsement of music that drives online conversations. The talk show also supports Clout Africa’s mission to be recognized as a reliable brand that connects music fans, culture influencers and artists. This is achieved through selecting artists who have been able to successfully drive popular conversation on the internet through their music. This encourages key industry stakeholders like music marketers, show promoters, media journalists and music enthusiasts to attend the event that allows them experience artists in ways they can’t do anywhere else.

The Road Less Travelled Into The Unknown

There aren’t many places where artists are allowed to connect directly with their fans in cozy physical space. The conversational direction of the Clout Talk Concert gave Clout Africa an opportunity to try something unusual with the concert format as the concept is a first of its kind within our music climates in Africa. This made artists and brands eager to affiliate with the Clout Africa brand.

The Clout Talk Concert is an opportunity for Clout Africa to achieve its goal of being recognized as a reliable brand that connects music fans, culture influencers and artists. It also enables us create a cultural landscape that fosters artists’ relationship with their audience as they are allowed to interact freely and speak directly. It has made Clout Africa a media brand that artists and key industry stakeholders are eager to collaborate with.


Clout Talk Concert



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